MATSEC Results To Be Evaluated After Poor Outcome


During the upcoming scholastic year, a review of all MATSEC results across a number of years will be conducted in order to address the long-standing issue of high failure rates in MATSEC core courses, which was witnessed again this year.



MATSEC O-Level, A-Level, and Intermediate exam results released earlier this month have shown that hundreds of students failed their Maltese, Mathematics and English exams once again.


According to Education Minister Justyne Caruana, the problems created by the Covid-19 pandemic on the education system,  cannot be ascribed to this year’s test marks since there is no difference between this year’s results and those from 2019.



Statistics show that 17 % of students who sat for Maltese, 18 % of students who sat for Maths, and 14 % of students who sat for English language received a ‘U’ mark this year.


When comparing the outcomes of 2019 to those of 2021, however, the data reveals that the results were fairly comparable. A ‘U’ grade was achieved by 19 % of students who sat for their Maltese exam, 17 % of students who sat for Maths, and 12 % of students who sat for English.



Moreover, only a few students were able to achieve high grades, according to the MATSEC examiners’ assessment.



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