WATCH: Marvel Confirms Spider-Man 3 Official Title & Premiere Date


Following the confusing IG posts by Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, and Tom Holland, fans (including us) were left confused as to what the title of the upcoming Spider-Man sequel is. However, Marvel has come to the rescue, as they confirm the official title and premiere date…


We can all let out a sigh of relief when I delightedly tell you that no, it’s not ‘Home Slice’. Marvel has now officially announced that the new movie will be titled Spider-Man: No Way Home… phew!



Another updated Instagram post reads, ‘This, we can confirm. Spider-Man: No Way Home only in movie theaters this Christmas’, alongside a video of Holland walking out of director, Jon Watts’s, office.



Holland tells his co-stars, ‘They gave us a fake name again. I just don’t understand why he keeps doing this’ he sighs, as Batalon says, ‘I feel like it’s pretty obvious that you spoil things.’, as Zendaya reminds the actor that he had done so for the last movie title…


So, it looks the only ones who’ve been trolled were the actors themselves. Meanwhile Spider-Man: No Way Home will premiere later this December!

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