Marsovin Are Gearing Up Our Front-Liners By Producing Hand Santizers Instead of Wine

Marsovin, part of Cassar Camilleri Ltd., are one of the companies in Malta that have shifted their manufacturing facilities to aid Malta’s current battle against the Covid-19 virus. Marsovin have shifted from producing wine to manufacturing hand sanitizers for Malta’s front-liners.

In light of the unprecedented crises that hit our island due to the Covid-19 virus, Marsovin took the necessary measured to assure continuation within the business sector, especially after the increased demand of hand sanitizers on our island, give a helping hand to Malta’s hospitals and general public, while at the same time securing jobs to its employees.

Marsovin will be donating 6,700 bottles of hand santizers to the government, which will, in turn, be used in Malta’s hospitals.

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna, who visited the Marsovin’s premises earlier this week, thanks the company for the efforts that are being made in these troubling times.

Minister for Finance and Financial Services Edward Scicluna visits a Marsovin factory, which is donating 6,700 hand sanitizer bottles

“As a Government, we’re constantly seeing what the country needs, as they change on the daily, especially in times like these. We are doing everything we can to take immediate action.”

Company Chairman Jeremy Cassar shares: “In times where everyone is required to do their bit to help each other out, our company Cassar Camilleri is proud to be supporting health authorities with this donation. As a company, we used our packing facilities in San Gwann to produce this product.”

It’s amazing to see everyone coming together, helping in any way they can. Well done guys!

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