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Marsaxlokk Is Set To Become an Even Bigger Tourist Attraction Thanks to THIS Project


If you had to ask people, or Google, about which is one of the most colourful fishing villages in the world, the answer will definitely be Marsaxlokk. Set in the south of the Island, Marsaxlokk attracts tourists and locals alike, to admire the tranquility of the hundreds of luzzus, to taste some of the island’s finest seafood, or even to buy fish and seafood from the fishing families themselves, especially on Sunday mornings.

Marsaxlokk also has a sporting legacy of its own, through its Waterpolo Club, which is set to get quite the boost following a project which was announced earlier today.



The €2.5m project will include state-of-the-art facilities including a heated pool, a gym, a fitness centre and a clinic for the residents. Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo, described this project as one which will give impetus to tourism in general, in the southern part of the island, adding that this project will not just introduce new facilities, but it will add quality to what will be offered to tourists and locals alike.


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This project is only one part of other projects and initiatives which relate to the regeneration of Marsaxlokk on the whole. Addressing the press conference, Mr Victor Fenech, the President of the Marsaxlokk Aquatic Sports Club said that through this project, “the lifelong Marsaxlokk dream, will finally become reality, especially now that the Planning Authority has approved the project.”