Marsascala’s new €6 million primary school is opened

Marsascala’s new €6 million primary school has been officially opened.

The Prime Minister performed the honours, welcoming 300 pupils as well as 37 teachers and facilitators to the new school.

The new building includes energy-saving features, air conditioning and an underground parking lot.

It’s the sixth new school to open in Malta in the past six years.

Joseph Muscat said: ‘The government has invested in students, not just introducing new schemes to help students improve their abilities, but also by introducing tablets, extra revision classes for exams and increasing the number of learning support staff to 3,500.’

Malta’s education minister Evarist Bartolo said a report from UNICEF showed that Malta was second only to Finland in the latest school league tables.

He added: ‘I am saying this to point out the hard work our educators do. We must respect and support them more for the work that is done in our schools.’

He urged more people to enter the teaching profession, saying that the country’s future depended on education.

Photos: Clodagh Farrugia O’Neill at Department of Information (Malta

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