Marigold Foundation and KSU Inaugurate a New Calm Room for Students on the Autism Spectrum


The Calm Room on Campus, a project by The Marigold Foundation in collaboration by KSU was inaugurated today in the presence of Pro-Rector, Prof Carmen Sammut, by Marigold’s Chairperson Mrs Michelle Muscat and KSU President, Mr Matthew Xuereb.

This project provides an oasis of calm for students on the autism spectrum amidst the busy Students House thus providing an inclusive peaceful space for the students who need some quiet moments during a day at University.



With an investment of 35K, The Marigold Foundation serviced, plastered, decorated, and set up ‘The Calm Room on Campus’ featuring adult sensory equipment that will provide a much needed calming space.



This project came about following the much-needed reform that happened in 2017 where through the advocacy of The Marigold Foundation amongst others, the Senate at The University of Malta adopted new entry requirements for students on the spectrum, thus more students on the spectrum started attending University.

Following this in 2019, The Marigold Foundation and KSU collaborated to hold the first ‘Light It Up Blue’ project on Campus, followed with further collaborating and the start of the creation of  ‘The Calm Room’ earmarking a room in Students’ House thus ensuring that students using this room still feel that they are part of the student community.



Michelle Muscat stated that “The Marigold Foundation” remains committed to supporting the cause of autism by continuing its annual projects including the provision of adequate open spaces for families on the spectrum, and financial help to the Autism Parents Association, providing the latter with the much-needed funds to keep abreast on the latest developments on the cause and linking them to the European and International platforms through membership with Autism Europe and the world’s largest advocacy network “Autism Speaks.”



Matthew Xuereb said that KSU is grateful for the support given by The Marigold Foundation whose investment should see a better quality of life on campus. The launch of The Calm Room concludes the Council’s Social Policy Office Erasmus+ funded Autism Awareness Campaign started in 2019. This initiative will now complement the University of Malta’s inclusive arrangements for students living with autism, ensuring that these students are not only able to make it into University but also be comfortable on campus with all the amenities they require.