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Daniel and Ylenia will be locking themselves in one of our Studios in a 30-hour Broadcasting Marathon, which is being held in aid of Animal Welfare NGOs. The marathon will kick off on 30th April and close on 1st May.

Animal Welfare NGOs, and the sterling work they carry out to help our four-legged friends, oftentimes work in silence to ensure that animals are given the right amount of love and care they need. Due to the pandemic, these NGOs have been hit hard, with donations running low, and with demands for assistance on the rise, and this is where you come in!


Join us on the 30th April and 1st May so that you too can do you bit to help give a voice to the voiceless. As a thank you, we will be throwing in some nice gifts for you all. To be exact, we will be throwing €15,000 worth of gifts throughout the entire 30 hours!


The funds collected during the marathon will then be distributed to MSPCA, Noah’s Ark and Island Sanctuary!


This Marathon is supported by Dr Lydia Abela, Spouse of the Prime Minister.

Help us reach our 

€10,000 goal by 

1st May!

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