Many Restaurants & Clubs To Limit Entrance To Vaccinated People Only


According to the Malta Chamber of SMEs, several nightclubs and restaurants have welcomed the government’s decision to enable them to limit entrance to those who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.


people performing on stage near partying people


This comes as Health Minister Chris Fearne announced that these establishments will ‘enjoy further easing of social measures’ if they only allow vaccinated individuals onto their premises.



Many clubs in Paceville, as well as several restaurants, are eager to introduce this measure. Malta Chamber of SMEs deputy president Philip Fenech said that most of those operating in the leisure and entertainment industry were eager for relaxation in certain restrictions.


photo of pub set in room during daytime


Fearne pledged that limiting entrance to the fully vaccinated might allow establishments to extend their opening hours or shorten the distance between tables.



Although the new protocols are yet to be finalised, ‘Many see this as a positive move. With over 90% of the population vaccinated, it makes sense because most people would still be able to go to these places,’ Fenech remarked. He added that this new policy would help owners deal with issues such as staff shortages.


Do you agree with this initiative, or do you think restaurants should be open to all?