Man Titled “Man Of The Year” For Acting As His Tinder Date’s Birthing Partner


25-year-old Max Silvy is now considered as ‘man of the year’ after supporting his tinder date through labour. His tinder date, 20-year-old Alyssa Hodges from Brisbane was eight months pregnant and about to go on her fourth date with Max when her water broke.



Without hesitation, Max stepped in as her birthing partner as she welcomed her child in September of last year. During Alyssa’s first weeks of motherhood, Max was also by her side and their special bond continued to grow even further.


The couple say the experience has bonded them (Credit: Kennedy News and Media)


Alyssa went on Tinder when she was six and a half months pregnant and wanted to make sure to clearly state this on her bio. However, Max wasn’t bothered by this so they started dating. She explained how before what was supposed to be their fourth date, she was going to pick him up from the airport when her water broke. Although she told him to book a taxi, he instead got off the plane and went to the hospital to be there for her.


She said: “The labour lasted on and off for about a week. I’d be sent home and come back into the hospital for a period of four to five days. I was contracting for those days and Max was with me the whole time. The birth itself was about seven hours.”


Alyssa gave birth on their fourth date (Credit: Kennedy News and Media)


Following the birth, Max even took time off work to be with her and help her take care of her new born son Ollie. Max says Alyssa’s pregnancy was never an issue for him, although he was a little anxious at the birth.



The couple are now in the process of moving in together!