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Man Risks It All To Save Sheep That Got Stuck On A Cliff

A truly brave act 👏

A man displayed remarkable courage by risking his life to save a stranded sheep perched on a cliffside rock, its predicament becoming dire as the tide surged in Woolacombe, Devon.

While exploring the coastline with his wife, Jilly, Chris Oxlade-Arnott captured an image that revealed the sheep’s plight, its gaze beseeching for aid. Jilly recounted, “The sheep appeared stranded on a rock, its gaze seemed to plead ‘help’. We couldn’t turn a blind eye; the possibility of its demise haunted us.”

Observing that no one else had taken notice or attempted a rescue, Chris, who possessed rock climbing experience, took it upon himself to orchestrate a daring rescue mission.

“My background in rock climbing gave me confidence,” Chris shared, “and I believed I was best suited for the task.” Negotiating treacherous terrain, with sharp, slippery rocks underfoot, Chris embarked on the challenging endeavor.

Guided by Jilly’s directions from the cliff top, Chris reached the distressed sheep after navigating the obstacles. Reaching the sheep, he carefully calmed it, restraining its panic, and eventually cradling it around his neck and one arm. Climbing meticulously, he brought the 50-kilogram sheep to safety.

The rescue effort, spanning around half an hour, ended with a heartwarming scene as bystanders erupted into cheers and applause, acknowledging the heroic act.

Jilly observed that the rescued sheep appeared famished. After a brief respite, the animal devoured succulent grass, a heartening sign of its revived spirit.

Confronted with a critical decision, Jilly shared, “It was a matter of taking a risk for a life in peril.” Chris echoed her sentiment, stating, “The sight of animals in pain or distress compels me to intervene, especially when I have the ability to assist.”

In a moment of determination, Chris’s compassionate act proved that the value of life, even that of a helpless animal, can propel individuals to undertake extraordinary measures.