Man Recreates His Frightening Nightmares To Cope With Sleep Paralysis


A man is attempting to cope with his sleep paralysis by recreating his terrifying nightmares into amazing photography!



Sleep paralysis happens when you’re waking up or falling asleep but cannot move or speak. This can last up to several minutes and those who experience this say it’s absolutely terrifying. People who experience this feel like there’s somebody with them in the room or something pushing them down.


Photographer Nicolas Bruno has been suffering from sleep paralysis since he was just 6-years-old and is now using his photography skills to recreate these nightmares in hopes to escape his fears. He hopes to use his photography to overcome these nightmares.


Your body is in sleep mode but your brain is active during sleep paralysis, and Bruno is giving his brain a mechanism to recognize and overcome his nightmares so that he isn’t feel trapped immobile and afraid.



He said: “If you feed into the fear of a dream it lasts a lot longer, but if you make sense of the dream you can escape it.”


If you experience sleep paralysis, we recommend you try to get a healthy eight hours of sleep per night, exercise regularly and avoid eating big meals, smoking or drinking caffeine before sleeping.