Man Arrested For Attack On Mother & Daughter

A mother and daughter were attacked in Gżira on Monday evening 
According to the woman, the stranger yanked her hair off her head, shoved his palm into her mouth, and threw a lighted cigarette in her daughter’s face.
According to Times of Malta, the man is said to be homeless and has been living on the streets in the area for years. A source also informed them that the man suffers from mental health issues.
The mother took it to Facebook and stated;
“Today a homeless guy attacked me and my daughter in Gzira. This guy hit me, pulled my hair, threw lit cigarettes to my daughter and then followed us,” she said. “Please be aware that he is clearly a violent person.” 
Several police reports have been submitted over the years alleging that the man has been annoying people, but sources claim that the police have been unable to act because the man has not broken any laws.
It was later confirmed that the man has been arrested and interrogated as part of the investigation.