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Does Your Home Pass Our ‘Maltese Home’ Test?

Choose ‘YES’ for every item you own in your home.

A friar that displays the current weather conditions
A grandfather clock
Holy communion family photos
A well
Religious statues
A griglioso
A bidet that nobody really uses
A sitting room that’s there just for show, probably closed off by a glass door. Anyone who dares to use it will probably get told off.
A collection of creepy porcelain dolls
A fridge full of magnets, that gets updated whenever anyone goes abroad
A flag pole on the roof at the ready, to go up during the village feast
Garigor (Spiral stairs)
Branded beach towels you got thanks to the quicksave exchange point system
A cross in the bedroom to watch over you while you sleep
Traditional Maltese tiles
A Maltese balcony
Does Your Home Pass Our Maltese Home Test?
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