Maltese woman scales world’s second highest mountain

The second highest mountain in the world, following the Himalayas (peaks at 8,848m), is the Aconcagua mountain in Argentina, which peaks at around 6,962m.

Quite a feat saying you’ve managed to scale it … especially when you live in a country that only has small hills to practice on. One Maltese woman, Celine Xuereb, together with a group of 11 other adventurers has managed to scale mount Aconcagua.

Just to put this info perspective, the Mountain Celine has just climbed is around 1 km higher than Mount Kilimanjaro.

Going up the mountain took Celine and her team 12 days and descending down the mountain only took two.

“Most training recommendations suggest you go hiking in nearby mountains to train on mountainous terrain and gain a bit of altitude, but since we live at sea level, I could not really train for that,” Celine explains.

With a tough training regime, including training a minimum of twice a day, going up and down the same hill for two hours straight with a 20kg weighted vest and gym training with the same vest, Celine was mount Aconcagua ready.

It was not an easy journey. Celine shares with a local news source that the cold was unbearable at times, with the wind making it hard for her to get some well needed rest. The lack of oxygen in higher areas was another challenge, and although energy levels weren’t always as high as needed, sweets helped her keep her stamina up to get to that finish line.

Celine was the only Maltese in a group of 12 adventurers, with four Americans, four Australians, one Brit, one Indian and one German person, who together took the Polish Traverse routed their way up the mountain.

Well done Celine on such an amazing achievement!

Our question? Which mountain is Celine going to conquer next?

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