Maltese warned against buying pets as Christmas presents

People in Malta and Gozo have been warned against buying pets as presents this Christmas.

The public have been urged to consider the commitment of caring for an animal long-term.

A spokesman for Animal Welfare Gozo said: ‘Each year we see unwanted animals that were given as gifts.

‘People should consider the commitment they are making when taking on any animal.

‘Animals need attention, care and love which is a life-long obligation.

‘It can be very costly owning a pet so there is also the financial commitment to think about.

‘In the worst cases, unwanted pets can be abandoned. This is a criminal offence, and needless to say, extremely distressing for the animal.

‘We would like to ensure everyone, animals included, have a wonderful Christmas.

‘We want this happy ending to extend to the rest of the animal’s life, not just the weeks after.’

Meanwhile the Malta Association for Abandoned Animals based in Birzebbugia is planning a Christmas party for its dogs.

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The charity said: ‘Every Christmas we make a Christmas party for our dogs, where they can eat as many treats, biscuits, soft food, bones as they want.

‘They surely deserve it, they have all faced abandonment but now they have us.’

Animal Welfare: when an animal needs help

If you find an injured animal or a stray cat or dog in Malta that needs treatment, do something!

Call Animal Welfare on 1717.

The service is free of charge.

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