Maltese travelling to New Zealand warned of new taxes

Thousands of Maltese tourists make the long journey to New Zealand each year to experience the Commonwealth nation’s stunning scenery.

But from October, holidaymakers from Malta visiting New Zealand will have to pay for a new visa waiver known as an Electronic Travel Authority.

The change in the rules means that Maltese passport holders visiting New Zealand will need to buy an ETA before they go.

It will cost 9 NZD, or €5.30, for mobile applications and 12 NZD, or €7.10, for web applications.

Stewart Island is the third-largest island of New Zealand

The good news is you still won’t need a visa to enter New Zealand if you’re Maltese or British thanks to our close Commonwealth connections.

The ETA will also be will be digitally linked to your passport and valid for two years.

As well as the ETA, New Zealand is also introducing a tourist tax.

It will cost 35 NZD or €20.50 and will be collected at the same time as the ETA.

While there is no specified date to get the ETA before you visit New Zealand, holiday experts recommend getting it at least a month before you depart.

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