Bortex to Produce Face Masks and Scrubs That Will Suit Up Malta’s Heroes

Companies and business from all around the island have been contributing in any way they can towards the current Covid-19 situation. Restaurants have been mass-producing food for hospital staff and health-care professionals, property owners have wavered rent until the situation gets better, and production facilities have switched up their manufacturing procedures.

Bortex Fine Tailoring have announced in a recent Facebook post, that they have switched their local production facility capacity to manufacture face masks and medical scrubs.

Publiée par Bortex Fine Tailoring sur Lundi 6 avril 2020

In light of having all retail stores closed until  the green light is given by the Government, they explain how this initiative was coordinated in support of the Maltese Covid-19 response movement in aid of local hospitals and clinics.

Bortex operates a number of its own retail outlets in Malta which offer a vast range of formal tailoring, outerwear, casual clothing, footwear and accessories. All the outlets offer a made to measure service from a large selection of fine Italian and English Fabrics and the Marsa branch also offers a full hire service.

Plans are in hand for further expansion of the retail division both in Malta and overseas.

Well done to Bortex for the initiative!

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