Maltese SuperMum Launches “Give Some Happy” – An Initiative Aimed At Helping Hospital Children



Many of us know Lorinda Mamo as mother of the cutest boy ever who stole our hearts in previous editions of L-Istrina, Henry. Henry is a PBS survivor with CKD, and a real warrior, and an example to us all.



Last month, Lorinda came up with an idea to help kids isolated in hospital who cannot do much due to COVID-19. And earlier last week, they finally managed to distribute the cute craft kits to kids to help keep them entertained.



“Last month we ran a β€˜GiveSomeHappy’ campaign for the children on the wards at Mater Dei. Due to COVID19, children were a lot more isolated – no visitors, no playroom, and very minimal contact. We are very familiar with hospital days and they are not easy on an average day, let alone during this time. So we ran a campaign with the help of our friend Claire Catanzaro asking for donations of craft kits and through Happy Play Company we offered one MiniPack of HappyPlay dough for every 2 HappyTubs sold. We were overwhelmed with the response!,” Lorinda wrote on Instagram.

“Not only did we receive craft kits but people purchased our play dough to be donated entirely to the hospital. I was not expecting that at all. Not only did the donations help bring some happy to children, but it also helped our small business! And we can’t thank you enough,” she added.



With this being the longest period which Henry has spent out of hospital, little did Lorinda know that they would be back in hospital, and that Henry himself would end up making use of these kits.

“Little did we know that Henry would end up in the same position a few weeks later and he would also make use of these craft kits first hand. We have had many hospital stays, and this one was a little harder without visitors to help bring some smiles, but we also managed with the incredible dedication of Dr Klown, as well as a special call from Super Mario from Hip Hip Hurrah who also donated time,” Lorinda writes.


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SWIPE➑️➑️ The good side and the bad side when you know something needs to be done. In all this time that we have been in and out of the hospital, one of the things Henry loathes is the dreaded cannula. . I have tried time and time again to tell him how important it is for him to have it, but the truth is, no amount of explaining can lessen the fears of a child when they know that what it means. And there is no way to sugar coat it. . For those of you that don’t know what a cannula is: it’s a thin tube inserted by a needle into a vein or body cavity to administer medication, drain off fluid, or insert a surgical instrument. I want to share this with you because Henry thinks it’s important for people to understand exactly what a cannula is. . It’s not always easy to insert and even harder in children with those little veins. This time was no exception and each time he begged for it not to be done, my heart shattered to peices. It is super extra hard to make a child do something that you know is painful but you know it’s for their own good. Very, very hard. . Yes it totally sucks to get it done but once it’s done it’s there to help get him better. I am grateful that he has responded to treatment and that he is getting better. Sometimes we have to do the things we don’t want to do to get where we need to be – even when its soooo very hard and heartbreaking. . . . . #littlewarriorΒ #myheroΒ #medicallycomplex

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On the day of the delivery of the kits, both Lorinda and Herny “were so happy to finally take over one half of the play dough donated, along with other craft kits. Henry was thrilled to be on the outside of the hospital and more thrilled to be giving Claire all the things to pass on to the children.”

Lorinda says that she created HappyPlay Co. with the goal of developing key products and tools that will serve to enhance childhood through the play experience while encouraging happiness and positivity. Over the years she has learned that mental health and quality of life is as important as physical health and our own experiences are in the essence and foundation of HappyPlay Co. – we want to return this back out into the world.

“I think we are off to a good start,” she concludes.

Well, we don’t know about you, but Lorinda and Henry deserve a massive round of applause!