Maltese Students Describe Frustration Of English Language Students Following School Closure As A “Slap In The Face”

Students in Malta and Gozo are expressing their concerns on social media after English language students stated that closures have been ‘unfairly picked out’ by language schools.

While English Language schools hoped to start classes online on Monday, many students stated that this was not an option for them. Vaccinated students were outraged by the measure, claiming that since they were allowed to use other facilities in Malta, they should be allowed to attend their course in person as well.

This follows the announcement of the schools’ closure made on Friday by Health Minister Chris Fearne, after the majority of new virus cases in Malta were linked to outside travel, with a specific rise in cases related to English language schools.

Meanwhile, the Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations of Malta, FELTOM, has stated that the abrupt shutdown of this sector has caused alarm among language schools. Around 2000 jobs are immediately threatened, according to the report, and they should be given high priority.

Despite this, many Maltese students took it to social media to state how this unfair on local university and sixth form students who have spent more than a year enduring online classes.  Elisa Micallef Peplow, a law student at the University of Malta, said that the frustration of English Language students is “nothing but a slap in the face” for students and teachers “who have been online for almost two years – and given the way the cases are rising and the situation developing, the likelihood of having a third year online will likely be the decisive action.”

Other students also said that online learning has been ‘exhausting’ and that such students should learn English online ‘like we have done for the past two years’.


Do you agree with the decision that English language schools remain online?

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