Maltese Student Develops App For Kids With Intellectual Difficulties To Learn Maltese


Meet Martina Meli, a local student who has developed an app called “Għallimni kelma” (teach me a word) for kids with intellectual difficulties to learn Maltese.


Meli has just finished her degree in Computing and Business at the University of Malta. Her thesis and application will make a major difference in the lives of these children and their academic development.



The application includes games that help kids learn, but parents and educators may also add or even create games too!


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Meli revealed that work on this app took around one year, sharing: ‘It is actually for primary school children but since there are features where teachers or parents can create games themselves, this can be used by everyone basically. So that means secondary school children and even adults who might have different abilities.’



She went on to share how her greatest achievement comes from the smiles she sees on the faces of children when they learn something new from her app. ‘You see children using something you would have spent a long time on, and you see that it is helping them, you see that smile, and that is so very satisfying, you cannot really describe it.’, she added.


Whilst the app is ready, further developments need to be made.