Maltese songwriter gets a publishing deal with SIGALA!

Shaun Farrugia

Maltese songwriter Shaun Farrugia has been living the life most of us only dream of after signing a publishing deal  with SIGALA, who’s known for songs like ‘Came Here for Love’ and ‘Lullaby’.

Shaun has been working his way around the industry for 6 years but permanently moved to London to properly work on his music a mere 6 months ago.

“I was trying to send my work to different producers for quite a long time and tried my luck with SIGALA last year. Due to his commitments at the time it was difficult to meet.  A childhood friend of mine, Emma Tranter, happened to be on tour with him and his team, and she mentioned me to him and we re-connected and agreed to meet in January of this year.

“From then, I decided to move to London permanently, and work from there. Went to meet him and the rest was history.

I was Invited to participate in a song writing camp which was organised by SIGALA back in February . A few weeks later we  started to discuss  the possibility for him to publish me and I still can’t believe it happened.”

Years of hard work paid off for Shaun. “It’s like I’m living a dream to be honest … I can’t for the life of me believe that I’m officially a writer signed by him. It’s a dream come true.”

Shaun Farrugia

Shaun isn’t just a songwriter, but he sings too!

“I do sing, in fact, there is a chance I might have an artist project in the future, but I’m primarily a song writer working with other artists at the moment.

I want to take this opportunity to inspire others to go after whatever they dream to achieve.

So we couldn’t help but ask Shaun … what’s his dream team of artists to work with?

“It’s so hard to choose, especially since there’s an opportunity to work with so many different artists and I really don’t want to jinx myself but I’ve always dreamt of working with artists such as Jessie J, Little Mix and of course Sigala!

“SIGALA is like a big brother to me. I’ve had the opportunity to sit down next to him and get feedback on all my songs. In an industry like this one, you never know who you’ re working with which makes it more exciting as every day goes by!

“And while I miss Malta and the gorgeous weather it brings with it (especially when compared to the UK) when you’ re working on something so big, you’ve got no choice but to forget about it.

“Since I have the opportunity, I’d like to thank all my friends, family and everyone who has been there throughout my journey in some way or another. I’m still a nobody, but at least I’m one step higher on the ladder with a 100 more steps to go.”

Well done Shaun, you’ve put Malta on the map once again and you’ve made every, single one of us super proud!


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