Maltese Sanctuaries are bracing themselves for upcoming season’s abandoned Christmas pets

Last January, the AAA and Noah’s Ark welcomed 37 abandoned gift-puppies; puppies that were given as a Christmas gift.

“Every Christmas, year after year, people go out and buy puppies to give as gifts and come January, or a few months later, they get rid of them,” Rosalind Agius, Island Sanctuary manager shares.

“People need to realise, before they purchase an animal, that it should be for life. They abandon their pets like they’re rubbish and the sole victim ends up being the animal,” Fabio Ciappara, president of Noah’s Ark dog sanctuary continues.

There are multiple ways that you can help, the first obviously being, not to gift a pet to someone who is not a 100% certain that they want one.

You’ve even got the option to sponsor a dog instead of adopting one, which could be a great alternative if you’ve got an animal lover in your life, but you’re unsure whether or not they’d like a pet.

But sanctuaries that have to put up with this heart-breaking moment, year after year, are now reaching out to you for your help in this very busy season.

If you also wish to help the sanctuaries involved, you can donate Christmas donations such as flea treatment, wet and dry dog food, and old blankets and towels.

Remember that a pet is for life – unless you’re willing to commit to it, don’t adopt a pet this Christmas.

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