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Maltese Residents Cut Foreign Travelling By 50% In The First Half Of 2021


The number of Maltese travellers dropped by 50.1% in the first half of 2021, amounting to 57,684, according to the National Statistics Office.


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Back in March 2020, Malta restricted travelling due to the coronavirus pandemic, reopening borders later that year in July. Although Malta kick-started its tourism season in June 2021, travel across Europe has remained largely flat this year.



The situation remains pretty predictable too, with travellers having to abide by strict procedures and regulations, which vary according to the country being visited. At the time of writing, any incoming travellers must present proof of vaccination to avoid quarantine.


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As per the NSO, those going abroad spent more days away, increasing by 23.5% and totalling to 831,118 nights. Most outbound tourists were aged between 25 and 44 years (55.6%), followed by those within the 45-64 age bracket (24.1%).



It was also revealed that Italy remained the most popular destination for local travellers.