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Maltese Ranked As Second Largest Drinkers Of Soft Drinks In The EU


Statistics have found that the Maltese are the second largest people in the EU who consume ‘soft drinks’ with only the Belgians drinking more soft drinks than us.


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This emerges from statistics published by Eurostat, which have been compiled based on information collected in 2019. The survey shows that 9% of those aged 15 and over said they drank soft drinks daily, 6% drank soft drinks four to six times a week, and 19% drank soft drinks one to three times weekly.



The Belgians superseded the Maltese, with 20% drinking soft drinks daily. They were followed by the Maltese, Germans, Hungarians, Poles, and Bulgarians with about 12%.


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Estonians were the least likely to drink soft drinks daily, with only 2% doing so, followed by Lithuanians, Finns, Latvians, and Romanians with 3%.



In general, women drank more soft drinks than men with 12% doing so every day compared to 7% of men.


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In terms of ages, the soft drinks were mostly consumed between the ages of 15 and 24 (14%), while the lowest were those aged 75 or over with only 5% drinking soft drinks every day.


How often do you drink soft drinks?