Maltese Race Car Driver smashes UK Championships

Zach Zammit finished off in second place in the 2019 Midland Hill Climb Championships in the UK this week.

He’s been at it for 6 months, competing with some of the best race car driving talent the UK has to offer. The deciding race went down yesterday at Loton Park.

The UK is going through some crazy thunderstorms at the moment, so the conditions to race in were far from ideal, but Zach persevered and thrived, qualifying second fastest in his first run off.


In a recent Facebook post, Zach shared:

“Last two rounds of this championship are over. I drove against some great drivers some of whom pushed me to go much faster. I would like to thank all the British spectators, photographers, drivers, organizers and marshalls. You all made me feel so welcome and I cannot wait to be back next year.

The results of last weekend are:

Round 17:  1st in class 2nd fastest qualifier overall and 5th in the Top12 run off

Round 18: 2nd in class 8th fastest qualifier overall and ended my Top12 run with a wild spin

All in all I came 2nd in my championship. I collected a total of 118 points but due to rules I had to drop 4 rounds of points which means I had to drop 13 points which leaves me with a total of 105 points.

This puts me on equal points with David Warburton but he wins the championship because he has more class wins, a big well done to him hes a genuine nice guy a sportsman and a very fast driver.”


Well done to Zach and his team, and here’s to more wins!