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Every Maltese person’s problem unveiled with woman’s environmentally woke post!

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A post on Facebook group The Salott has gathered over 500 likes after a woman basically pointing out everything wrong with her typically Maltese mentality when it comes to the environment.

“I think it’s time for me to admit, that I’m a horrible human being. Why am I a horrible human being you ask? Let me explain.
This fact dawned on me today, whilst I was stuck in traffic, swearing about the damn traffic and complaining about how many cars are around me. Then it clicked that, I am actually causing the problem by using the car for errands that I could have easily done by walking or biking. Did i care, meh… nope.

But then, the same line of thought kept on with me for the rest of the morning. I like to think of me as a person that tries to do her bit for the environment, but I am really just kidding myself. I was so happy to jump on the no disposable straws bandwagon, like they were the literally the worst thing in the world right now… i refuse straws at bars and restaurants, and bought a lovely set of reusable glass ones… but now i realised that i was happy jumping onto this, as it personally has ZERO effect on me.

malta traffic

  • Did i do the same for plastic bags that i find so convenient? NOPE.
  • Using my car less? F* No! Use public transport? over my dead body!
  • Complaining about the incredible amount of construction – all the bloody time (but my place was just completed only three years ago… so now i don’t give a crap about the others)
  • Did i buy pre-sliced and plastic wrapped fruit last weekend as it will make my life easier? yep, guilty.
  • Did i buy a set of plastic, disposable plates and cutlery to avoid having to wash stuff after BBQ’s – YEP i did.
  • Did i do anything to help any local organisation with the bunch of trees burned a few days ago? I felt sorry for a minute, and then forgot about it.
  • Am i happy to drink my coffee from the plastic coffee pods, its freakin delicious
  • But then I’m happy to take out my organic waste bag in the morning, thinking it’s going to change the world.

Yeah. I’m a horrible human. I made the fewest tweaks possible to make me more ‘environment friendly’ as long as it does not affect my lifestyle and comfort. I give myself a score of 1 out of 10. I posted this as a personal rant against myself, to hopefully make me think more about my actions, and commit to real changes that will make a real impact to the environment. … or at least I hope.”

What do you think about all of this?