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Maltese Police Union Questions Complete Ban Of Tattoos, Beards & Moustaches on Officers


A Maltese police union is currently looking into the persistent blanket ban of officers sporting visible tattoos or facial hair.


Maltese among least likely in EU to be stopped by police


As the Malta Police Union asked in a Facebook post sharing photos of neat officers in uniform with facial hair from other countries, ‘Are we sure it’s 2021 we are living in?’



When we travel abroad, we may see police officers in that country. Apart from looking at their uniforms, vehicles and equipment they carry, we also notice beard and tattoos. Luckily for them they are not in Malta as this is considered unclean by definition of law.’, they added.


Local officers have been banned from displaying any tattoos or having any facial hair for years now, out of fears that they would seem ‘unclean’ and not fitting of an officer under Chapter 164 of Malta’s laws.



But as the times change, questions over a blanket ban keep surfacing regularly. However, the MPU revealed that it would be “dealing” with these issues to ensure local officers are on par with their European counterparts.


Two years ago, the Malta police force even held a public poll, asking if officers should be allowed to sport beards and moustaches or show tattoos. Around 600 people had responded, out of which 80% said they agreed with enabling them to show facial hair and tattoos.


Do you think Maltese officers should be able to show their tattoos & facial hair?