Maltese police reassure public after ‘Home Alone’ online prank gone wrong

An online joke posted by Facebook Buzzulotti Maltin basically pranked a good portion of the nation after informing the public that these two right here are “knocking on doors in Mellieha claiming to be from the council and asking for entry to your home to check the taps for possible leaks! They could easily move to other areas.”

Look familiar? That’s because they’re actors Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, well known for their roles as ‘Wet Bandits’ Harry and Marv from the 1990 classic Christmas film Home Alone.

People were sharing it around so much, it caught the eyes of Malta’s Police force, where they felt the need to reassure everyone, that the situation is under control, thanks to 8-year-old Kevin.

“We would like to inform the general public that the below criminals have been apprehended and will be prosecuted accordingly! Special thanks goes to eight-year-old Kevin for his intel,” the Police Force shares.

I don’t know about you, but this definitely made my Thursday …

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