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Maltese Man Who Recovered From Covid-19 Shares Emotional Post

A post by FB page ‘The People of Malta’ shares the story of one the eleven people who have so far overcome the Covid-19 virus in Malta.

Martin Attard shares this emotional post which has already garnered over 2k likes in the span of 5 hours.


“I’ve won!”, the post starts.

“After a month and a day, I’ve managed to overcome this destructive virus!

“I’ve won in silence. I’ve won in solitude, isolated from the rest of the world.

You came into my life without me even knowing how or giving permission. The mental effects you left behind were far worse. You played an ugly game with those I hold dearest to my heart, with some of my best friends, and colleagues that I appreciate. But you did not win.

Today 10th April 2020, I’m starting a new chapter. This is just the beginning. The war against you is still long, and together, as a nation, we won’t stop fighting until you’re completely eliminated.

The time will come when we can hug each other, kiss each other, ride a plane, play ball on a Saturday afternoon. The time where we get to live again will come!

Hang int there!

Small note: thank you to each and every one of you who had my back in these difficult times. Family, friends, colleagues. Thanks to all those that are working night and day so we can win this was. Thank you!”

Malta currently has 240 positive Covid-19 patients, and 11 recovered patients.

Remember to stay at home as much as you can. Stay safe.