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Maltese Lecturer’s Tear-Jerking Anti-Racism Post Is Going Viral

Immanuel Mifsud, a lecturer who teaches Maltese at the University of Malta, has shared a post on his personal Facebook profile, that has left many feeling emotional, not just because of the way it is so beautifully written, but also because of the message it’s trying to put forth.

It’s not only an act of cruelty that jolts us from our seat to take action against the injustice that comes with showing prejudice based on skin colour…. sometimes it’s even someone’s kindness, that inspires you to be better.

And this post is a perfect example of just that.

Although no form of translation will do this post justice, here’s a version in English below-


Like in many other streets surrounding the area, people living in Michael Debono street take out their trash in the morning, ready for an African black person to pick it up, the same kind of person that many paperwhite skin-coloured Maltese want to send away, back to their countries. 

An old lady, living alone in a terraced house a few doors down from our apartment, rushed out of her house as soon as the African passed by to collect the bags.

“Pssssst, Mister,” she shouted. At first, the man wasn’t sure whether or not to approach her. “Mister,” she repeated. The African, carrying a green carriage made of plastic behind him, approached her with caution as she popped out a glass of water and handed it to him.  

“Not very cold, because you will get a cold.” The African gulped it down in one go.

“Thank you, mother,” he said. 

Some scenes make you forget the pure hatred that consumes certain white people who own the same passport and identity card that you carry around with you every day. 

The post garnered over a thousand likes and over 23o shares in 24 hours!

Posts like this give me faith in humanity.