Maltese kickboxer is crowned world featherweight champion

Maltese kickboxing sensation Keith Azzopardi has thanked fans for their support after his latest impressive victory.

He was crowned world featherweight champion at the World Kickboxing Network tournament in France last weekend.

Keith was declared the winner by the judges after 12 rounds against former French champion Jonathan Pastorino in Nice.

Battered and bruised after his fight, Keith posted on Facebook: ‘Thank you all for your continuously support.

‘I cannot answer all of your messages but I appreciate it a lot and from the bottom of my heart thank you again, love you all.

‘I especially want to thank my family for always believing in me.’

Keith is coached by Noel Mericeca, the founder of the Ying Yang Kickboxing Club in Fgura.

You can watch Keith in action, below:

Publiée par Noel Mercieca sur Samedi 15 juin 2019