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Maltese influencers THEN vs NOW

A new decade has just started and right about this time, many people look back at how much they’ve changed.

Instead of looking back at this year we’ve decided to re-visit some old-school photos of some Maltese celebrities and influencers – you know, kinda like a #throwbackthursday.

Taryn Mamo Cefai

This blonde beauty used to play Lydia on local Strada Stretta. From watching her on our screens every night for about two years to watching her kill it with her Insta photos, outfits and appearances in fashion events and magazine. She’s probably the person you go to when you want to look for fashion or travel inspo!

Sarah Zerafa

This took me a LONG time to scroll through her Instagram feed to find a throwback photo. This talented influencer hit 200k followers this year on her Instagram! I feel that she did change a bit – she looks so much younger! I mean it’s been almost 4 years since the photo was taken. However, one thing did not change – and that would be her style and her ability to create creative content and photos.

Ben Camille

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Sparky & I

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How do we feel about 2013 Ben? He looks so different! He hadn’t even started acting in Strada Stretta, along-side co-star Taryn Mamo Cefai which later became a hit. Fast forward 6 years, who knew Ben would be the X Factor host which we all love and watch religiously?!

Tamara Webb

Throwing it back to four years ago with the queen herself! She looks so different, yet it is evident in her Instagram profile (trust me, I scrolled it for like 30 mins straight!) that the love for photography, fashion and fitness was always there which means that Tamara is one of the few people in this industry who has always stayed true to herself and to her followers! One thing I’ve noticed is that she has aged like fine wine; she gets more beautiful, the older she gets.

Ylenia Spiteri

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While in Taormina !

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We all know and love our very own Bay Breakfast star Ylenia!

The first photo is now 6 years old, but let’s be real for a second. Although she’s had a glow up over the past six years (I mean, haven’t we all?), she’s always looked as gorgeous and stylish as ever.

We hope 2020 is as good to you as you’ve been to us all these years!

I loved looking back at old photos of these Maltese stars! Did you? Which personality was your favourite?