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WATCH: Maltese Influencer featured on HUGE American YouTube channel

Brad Mondo, an American celebrity hair stylist, also known for his popular YouTube channel, has given us Maltese people a reason to gag!

Having around four million subscribers, being featured on his channel is no joke. Well, Malta’s very own Stella Cini actually made it onto Mondo’s popular YouTube series Hairdressers Reacts.

Now Stella is known for creating daring hair looks, snatching our wigs together with all of hers at one go. But none of us were ready for this huge moment.

In the latest of this popular series, Brad reacts to people dying their hair green, and sure enough, Stella gets a mention at the 9:oo mark.

Brad’s reaction when Stella comes out with green hair is literally us watching this video.

After being disappointed with the first green hair fail, expectations were high to see this green hair thing work, and it’s amazing to see that Stella rose to the occasion … but let’s be honest, we would expect nothing less from Malta’s very own hair goddess.

Also, don’t you just love the way he says Cini. Sini. How cute.

Well done Stella, we can’t wait to see your next big hair transformation!