Maltese Hooters

car honking malta

Malta’s got no shortage of hooters; from the tiny but mighty ones, to ones that’ll make your jaw drop in disbelief, your ears rejoice with their symphonies, or stand up to attention.

It’s the time of year where the hooters come out to play, and we’re not talking about feeding the world or competing with Benna …

We’re talking road rage, honky honker hooters. Which one are you?

The petite hooter

A high pitched cute little toot that can’t help but make you smile in a sea full of chock-a-block stagnant cars.

The polite hooter

The length of this one depends on how much you piss them off. This hooter hoots their toot to subtly let you know that you should pay attention to the road and watch where you’re going.

The composer

A maestro in the making, this hooter is inspired by the noise around him and uses his hoot to create a philharmonic symphony.

The hooter that makes you sh*t yourself

Much like a police or ambulance siren, this hooter announces their arrival with the deep, bass filled sound of their horn.

You’ll probably be hearing the after-effect ring of this hoot in your ear for the rest of the day.

The savage hooter

With arms and fists out their window, these out-raged hooters usually accompany their toots with some of the most creatively stringed sentences that should jolt you nicely awake in the morning.

The courtesy hooter

A honky honk to wish you a very good morning from someone you know passing by. Guess it’s always better than an “AW LILLY!”

Want to make some real noise? Just switch to Bay and turn the music up. You do the driving, and let us make the noise.