Maltese generosity gives motorbike enthusiast a chance to drive a bike 11 years after losing his arm

Maltese cyclist

Maltese generosity strikes again with one of the most heart-warming stories you’ll read all week. Martin Calleja, a 58-year old man with a passion for motorbikes, has always dreamt of riding a motorbike again after losing his right arm in an accident over a decade ago. Well, after 11 years, that dream has finally become a reality.

A group of bikers and a mechanic came together to get Martin a bike he’s able to drive.

The bike needed some modifications, with the gas throttle being moved to the left side, and adapting the prosthetic arm to perfectly match the motorbike.

Seeing Martin climb up on that bike and taking it for his first spin in years must have been a roller coaster ride of emotions.

… no, I’m not crying, you are!