Maltese Generosity At Its Best. Over €850 Raised for Hal Far Open Centre

One post on Facebook group Expats Malta seems to have gotten its fair share of traction after one user, Frank Balzan posted if anyone wants to join in on his contribution of toiletries and basic necessities to Hal Far Open Centre.

“So guys, I have a thought… of course it is only a thought and feel free to discuss with me: If we pool in together, perhaps we can place an order of toiletries (soap shampoo etc) to be delivered to the Hal Far centre. According to news reports, the sanitary situation is not good and they don’t have enough basics to last two weeks… I have already asked some friends and colleagues to chip in and have 130 euros so far. If you can spare a little something, you can either Revolut me or send a bank transfer. I have made a list of all those that have contributed so far and of course will add you all to that list. As I mentioned there is no obligation. Thank you so much in advance.”

Comments and donations quickly started flooding in, and in less than 5 hours, Frank had already managed to raise €850. Just this morning, less than 24 hours since the post was put up on the Facebook group, Frank commented:

“Ok guys my phone is starting to go a bit crazy again, so I apologise in advance if I cannot thank you all individually, your contributions are fantastic.”

Well done Frank on such a great initiative.

Anyone who wishes to donate may do so by sending their donation via Revolut on 003567997044 to Frank Balzan.

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