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Maltese ftira called ‘rubbish’ on a Maltese food recipe book

maltese ftira

A post on popular Maltese Facebook group got a lot of traction after a recipe book with traditional Maltese recipes grabbed one of Malta’s iconic dishes and translated it … a bit … too … literally.

What was meant to be a ‘Ftira biz-Zejt bl-Imbarazz’ was hilariously translated to a ‘Ftira with oil and rubbish’.


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Now, something obviously seems off here.

People were quick to comment with their opinions.

Some said that even ‘Fitra with Imbarazz’ is wrong because we actually call it ‘Ftira Mhawra’

Some helped the editor of the magazine out, saying that ‘Imbarazz’ is translated to ‘Stuffed’. [Yeah, that sounds more like it]

And some were just taking the piss – ‘A ftira with rubbish sounds absolutely delicious’ and ‘One rubbish with chips please.’

If you ask us? … If a ftira with rubbish looks like that, we’ll eat it any day.

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