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Maltese Filmmakers Are Now Eligible For The 94th Oscars


The Malta Academy Selection Committee for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards, otherwise known as the Academy Awards or Oscars, has announced an open call for local feature films released in 2021 to submit for next year’s Awards under the section ‘International Feature Film’.


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In order to be eligible, the films must be fundamentally produced by Maltese creatives; be over 40 minutes long; have at least 50% of the dialogue in a non-English language, and have been released in a commercial theatre for at least 7 consecutive days in 2021.



For further information on submissions, you can contact the committee via email on: [email protected]. The deadline for submissions is 12 pm on Wednesday 29th September.


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However, only one Maltese film may be submitted. A competitive process will then take place, wherein eligible entries will be judged by a panel of film-savvy professionals. A single nominee will then be announced prior to November 1st to participate in the 2022 Academy Awards.



The Malta Academy Selection Committee has recently been approved by the US-based Academy to fulfill the task of selecting a nomination from Malta to be submitted in the prestigious competition.


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The local committee is led by the Malta Producers’ Association (MPA) and the Malta Entertainment Industry and Arts association (MEIA). The selection panel consists of 11 local individuals coming from diverse backgrounds related to or within the industry.



The committee hopes that this will help to inspire a positive trend that in return, will generate more production activity on a local level by local filmmakers.