Maltese fashion trends that need to die…

They say history repeats itself, and this is evidently true when it comes to fashion trends. In 2019, we’ve been blessed (or perhaps, cursed) with a handful of trends – ranging from impractical pieces, to downright eyesores. Don’t get me wrong, some of the trends making a comeback should be here to stay, but others need to just…die.

Cycling shorts

Now these can be quite functional when it comes to, you know, cycling; but wearing them on a night out? *Aghast*. These should only be worn for their athleisure purposes, or under dresses and skirts to prevent chaffing. Besides, if models can’t even pull these off – why should the rest of us even try?

Nearly-naked bikinis

Okay, this one just goes straight into the absolutely impractical pile. From the “under-boob bikini”, to the “wedgie rise” and the “barely-there” (or fanny flosser, as the internet hilariously named it). There should definitely be no shame if you find a bikini that makes you feel sexy with a little cleavage or perhaps some cheekiness…but there is a fine line between sexy and over-exposed. These looks surely aren’t for the fainted-hearted, as they leave very little to the imagination. Oh and, let’s not forget, one wrong move and oops!

Excessively Distressed Clothes

On the same over-exposed note, some clothing garments have most of their fabric ripped or cut out, and it has reached the level where people are paying money to essentially be naked. I’m not referring to those cute cropped hoodies or a good pair of ripped jeans… but to those cropped hoodies that don’t even cover your bra and pants with 70% of the fabric missing. However, distressing can actually look good – if 20% of an item is distressed, then it can definitely be pulled off.

Socks and sliders

Seriously, how does this trend still exist? Today’s sliders and white tube socks are the equivalent of Birkenstock sandals with wool socks – and although this might be comfortable, it just looks awful and lazy. The only instances in which this might (emphasis on the ‘might’) be acceptable, is if you just left sports practice or if you walked into a grocery store late at night for a tub of Ben & Jerry’s.

Over-the-top chunky trainers

Look, as a short person, a little boost to my height is always welcome. However, there’s a difference between a nice, good platform to your footwear… and wearing shoes that look like your dad’s sneakers and make your feet appear 3 times their size. Some pairs out there have a sole so excessively chunky, it resembles the anatomy of a pterodactyl.

Tacky designer belt buckles

Why are people paying money to look like they just won a wrestling match? Whether it’s Gucci, Fendi or Yves Saint Laurent, the fact remains – most statement belts are just tacky. I have nothing against investing in high-quality branded belts that have an actually sleek belt buckle – but let’s not confuse wearing a “luxury” logo around our waists with having a sense of style.

What are some other trends you’d love to see go out of style?