Maltese exorcist advises schools in Malta to stop celebrating Halloween

Every year Malta is seeing more kids, teens and adults dressing up in their scariest costume to celebrate Halloween.

It might not be a Maltese tradition, but the feast has caught on well in certain localities, with parties and events organised all throughout Halloween week both in Malta and Gozo.

Up to ten years ago, you’d barely see any trick or treaters roaming around Malta’s streets, but nowadays kids all over the island are getting in on the trend.

However, one Maltese exorcist, Fr Franco Fenech, is strongly against celebrating Halloween, especially in schools.

“It is being presented [like a carnival] but, like Jesus had said, it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s not an issue of whether the devil will take over you or not but of incentivising children to keep finding more about it.”

Technically, people celebrate Halloween to mark the end of the harvesting season, but many people associate the feast with the day of the dead, where the dead get a “free pass” to roam around the realm of the living, just for one day.

Exorcist Fr Franco Fenech argues during INSIGHTS that Halloween should no longer be celebrated in schools.

“Particularly in Church schools. As for State schools, we can only tender advice. But on Church schools, I believe we should pull the same rope. We understand there are persons who have studied this phenomenon in Malta, and if they are advising it should not be held, then it should not be held.”

Fr Franco explains how even businesses are taking advantage of children’s innocence when they sell Halloween outfits.

He continues to say that the Catholic church does not support this tradition, since it is based on the idea that death has victory over life, which is against Christian belief.

What do you think about all of this? Should Malta celebrate Halloween? And should children in Malta celebrate Halloween in schools?

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