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Maltese Elderly Woman Graduates at 82 and Publishes Book at 88

Doris Cannataci is the definition of the saying: ‘Age is just a number.’ At age 82, she managed to complete her doctorate thesis and at age 88, she published a book about her life.

Doris lives by the mantra that ageing is not an illness, on the contrary, it is a gift.

Doris lost her husband at the age of 82 years old. She embraced ageing by starting to jot down her thoughts on a piece of paper, which quickly turned into a book! “There were lovely episodes. There were also episodes which were not so nice, just like with every other person. I always say, however, that life is a challenge, a continuous challenge, and we have always got to be prepared for these challenges,” Doris told TVM.

During the presentation of her book, the Parliamentary Secretary for Active Ageing Silvio Parnis urged all pensioners not to shut themselves off between the four walls of their homes, but to continue contributing to society, just like Doris did!

Well done Doris, you are an inspiration to us all.