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Maltese Developer Launches Game On PlayStation & Nintendo

You could soon be seeing a Maltese-developed game on your gaming console!



28-year-old Ryan Portelli will soon have his very own video game, which will be released on popular platforms including PlayStation and Nintendo.


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The self-thought developer managed to learn all about game developing through YouTube tutorials and reading online.  He has now been creating games for almost five years and is overjoyed to finally present “Trenches”.



He told Bay:

“I started creating my first game called ‘Customers From Hell’ which is a small game I made during COVID while I was in quarantine. I  was on the edge to giving up – however since it was my passion in creating games I wanted to try again and do a horror game this time and try something different so I started to work on ‘Trenches’, a horror game based in WW1. “


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In the horror game “Trenches,” players assume the role of a soldier attempting to return home safely from the mud-covered trenches during the First World War. But you’re being pursued by a terrifying creature that lurks in the trenches and is listening to every move you make through the console’s microphone!



He also has plans to get other games on consoles, including his latest released game “The Backrooms 1998”. Meanwhile, Trenches is set to be available on your PS4, PS5, and Nintendo on 20th January!



Well done Ryan, from all of us at Bay!