Maltese Designer Wins International Mask Lace Competition With Her Gorgeous Creation

It’s no secret, working with lace is no easy feat but it’s one of Malta’s eldest traditions and the outcomes are absolutely stunning. Marika Camilleri, a bobbin lace designer took part in an international lace mask competition and created a piece that is very representative of Malta’s culture.

She snatched first place in the Handmade Mask With Handmade Lace category, out of a total of 19 contestants who, like her, created their own version of a lace face mask.

As you can see, the mask takes inspiration from the traditional Maltese bizzilla, and is gorgeously woven into patterns synonymous with traditional Maltese designs. If you look carefully, the centre parts of the lace even look like the COVID-19 virus strand itself, which is a very creative take on the whole situation.

“So, I participated in an international lace mask contest organized by International Organization of Lace, Inc. and am a winner in the Handmade mask with handmade lace category. Thank you IOLI and well done to Pam Tucker (USA) and Melanie Runge (USA), winners in the other two categories, and also to all participants in the contest. 🥇😍👍🇲🇹🇺🇸,” she writes.

Well done Marika! What an amazing achievement.