Maltese Customer Insists That Discounts Should Be Handed Out For Hour-Late Services


Every stylist has to deal with no-shows and late cancellations at some point. Not to mention when clients are late, it may throw a stylist’s entire day off… But a frustrated Maltese customer took it to social media to express her concern from another point of view.



She emphasised that the client’s time is just as important, and a discount on the service should be given if the service is given considerably late. Many agreed, saying that it’s only fair that the client’s time is respected:


On the other hand, others claimed that this is simply unfair and a better solution would be to just walk out if you don’t have the time…

So, it looks like we have another hot debate on hand – but what are YOUR thoughts on this? Do you think that the client should be compensated for late service?

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