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Maltese children are once again ‘the fattest in Europe’

Kids in the Malta have once again been ranked as the fattest in Europe.

Malta has the highest rate of child obesity in the European Union, according to alarming new research.

Almost 25 per cent of  15-year-olds are now overweight or obese in Malta, a higher proportion than in all other EU countries and a significant rise over the past decade, according to the ‘State of Health in the EU’ report.

Boys were more likely to be obese than girls, according to the study which said one in four adults were obese in Malta.

At 25 percent, the Maltese obesity rate among adults was much higher than in many other countries in the region such as Italy on 11% and Cyprus on 14%,

High obesity is driven by eating too much junk food, such as burgers and pastizzi, as well as a lack of exercise.

Malta’s shocking health crisis in numbers

• Malta is the least physically active country in the world, with 71.9 per cent of Maltese people qualifying as inactive.

• Maltese children are the least physically active in the EU. Only one in four is physically active.

• A total of 58 per cent of Maltese adults are overweight

• Malta has the highest prevalence of Type II diabetes in the EU – 10 per cent compared to 2-3 per cent of European neighbours.

• Less than one per cent of Maltese cycle regularly – the lowest in the EU.

• Malta has one the highest binge-drinking rates in the EU, including 15-and 16-year-olds.