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Maltese business offered helping hand to grow overseas

HSBC has launched a new scheme to help Maltese companies grow overseas.

The bank said its ‘global reach’ made it ideal for ‘ambitious businesses’ looking to expand and take advantage of ‘new horizons’.

It said its €250 million HSBC International Business Fund would help take Maltese businesses to the next level.

HSBC Malta chief executive Andrew Beane told 89.7 Bay: ‘Today’s economy is global and interconnected and at HSBC we are able to connect Maltese businesses to fast-growing markets around the world.

‘With the launch of our International Business Fund we are ready to support Maltese companies that have the ambition to stretch towards new horizons.’

HSBC is present in more than 50 countries with over a million business customers worldwide.

The bank said the new fund would provide another boost for Malta’s booming economy.

Michel Cordina, the bank’s head of business development, said: ‘The €250m fund enables investors, traders and businesses to embark on new journeys by connecting them to international opportunities.

‘With offices on the ground in 53 countries and territories, and more than 5,000 relationship managers operating worldwide, HSBC is in a unique position to connect potential customers in new markets, provide local insight through our people on the ground, and offer the financial support for businesses in Malta to expand globally.

‘This fund is also available to assist international businesses who want to invest in Malta to continue assisting the Maltese economy to grow.’

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