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WATCH: Maltese Born Singer Brings Everyone to Tears During Swiss Reality Singing Show

Marc Storace, a Maltese born artist, is mostly known for his position as frontman, lead singer and songwriter of Swiss hard rock band Krokus, but following yesterday’s performance, he will probably be known as the singer who brought all the participants of Swiss reality tv show Sing meinen Song – Das Schweizer Tauschkonzert to tears.

The concept of the show is pretty simple. Seven singers of Swiss German dialect from various genres come together in a secluded location. Each of the first seven evenings that are recorded is dedicated to one of the musicians. The other six performers each sing one of his songs as a cover version in their own style , with band accompaniment, but without any other audience.

The musicians then comment on the performance. In addition, the artist of the evening sings his own current song and chooses the song of the evening at the end of the episode whose interpretation he liked best.

Episode seven was dedicated to Swiss singer and R&B performer Seven, and it seems like Maltese born singer Marc Storace nailed Seven’s song, Father. In fact, Marc’s rendition was chosen as the song of the evening. Take a look.


If you missed last Friday's 7th episode of SING MEINEN SONG – DAS SCHWEIZER TAUSCHKONZERT on Swiss TV24, you can see it again tonite's at re-brodcast @ 20:15 Uhr.#singmeinensongCH #tv24

Publiée par Marc Storace sur Lundi 6 avril 2020

What an amazing rendition!

His high pitched raunchy voice, makes him a very distinct vocalist. Most music-journalists compare him to AC/DC’s former lead singer Bon Scott or Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant in terms of vocal style.

Marc has also been invited to perform at popular Maltese concert Rockestra back in 2017, and boy did he make the crowd go wild!

Marc also played a major role in the Swiss-German films Anuk and Handyman, in which he acted, as well as contributed his writing and singing to songs for both the film’s soundtracks.

Marc will be performing next for the last episode of the first season of Sing meinen Song – Das Schweizer Tauschkonzert, where he’ll be singing duets with other participants.