Maltese beauty spot gets a big autumn clean up

Another Maltese beauty spot has been given a makeover just in time for autumn.

Hhundreds of kilos of waste were collected in just a few hours during a clean-up event at Ghajn Rihana near Burmarrad.

The valley and stream is situated between Mosta and Bidnija near the Victoria Lines and is a popular spot for birdwatchers and ramblers.

The area has recently become a dumping site for waste such as pipes, broken tiles, toilets, car part, clothes as well as construction and demolition waste.

HSBC employees joined Nature Trust Malta for the clean-up.

Nature Trust appealed to the authorities to employ environmental wardens in the Maltese countryside to stamp out illegal dumping.

The organisation’s executive president Vincent Attard said: ‘While Nature Trust is doing its best with the help of companies such as HSBC for our national heritage, waste reappears again in a short time after the clean-up.

‘It is not fair for volunteers to take the time to restore the natural beauty of the area, and then, because of lack of enforcement such sites become a dump again.

‘It is about time that the authorities support the work organisations and companies are doing to ensure that such sites are kept clean for all to enjoy.

‘Law enforcement has always been a weak arm in governments despite various comments and words by our politicians.’

Nature Trust thanked staff from HSBC’s Business Performance Team for giving up their time to help make Malta green and clean.

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