Maltese Ballerina features in massive British drama series Peaky Blinders

Brenda Lee Grech

We always tend to go a bit crazy when we hear of Maltese people doing well abroad.

But one Maltese ballerina went and surprised us with a cameo in the insanely popular British drama Peaky Blinders.

She featured in the latest episode of the fifth season, as a London- based ballerina performing in front of Thomas Shelby [don’t know who he is? Guess you’ll have to binge watch Peaky Blinders to find out ux] and his posse.

Peaky Blinders is in the middle of its 5th season and over 6.2 million fans are tuning in to watch season 5 alone.

You can see her looking absolutely sickening at the Peaky Blinders premiere back in July.

Curious to see what’s happening to Brenda next on Peaky Blinders? Tune in and find out, of course.

A big well done to Brenda! You’ve got our full support.

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