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Maltese-Australian Shares Signs That You’re Maltese and They Are Spot On!

A post was shared on a group aimed for Maltese-Australians about all the signs that make you a Maltese person, and we have to admit, they are SPOT ON!

Some of these made us giggle, and some of them hit hard, but all of them are 100% true, no matter if you live in Malta, or have family that emigrated to Australia, which by the way, is another thing that makes you Maltese, because more or less every Maltese person has a relative somewhere in Australia.

  • There’s at least one carpenter in your family
  • Your dad’s name is Joe, Manuel, Leli, Charlie, Fred, Ninu, Carnu, Jesmond or Grezju
  • Your mum has OCD related to cleaning
  • You have more than one fridge in your house
  • Your parents always try bargain at furniture and electrical stores to the point of embarrassment
  • Your mum insists that you eat brodu and ministra
  • When you hear your dad say the word ‘Madonna’, you know he’s not talking about the singer
  • For Easter you get Figolli instead of Easter Eggs
  • Neither of your parents can pronounce “th” (tink about it… ‘tank you’ ‘toot paste’ ‘tree’ ‘Tursday’)
  • When your non-Maltese friends ring, they ask you if your parents are fighting, when they’re just talking in the background
  • Your family swears more than any other nationality in the world BUT are still very religious…
  • As birthdays and Christmas’ approach, your mum looks to her cupboard of ‘imbarazz’ for gifts, rather than going out to the shops to buy presents
  • Someone in your family drives a diesel because “diesel lasts longer ta!”
  • Somebody says “Hello” to you and you say “Alright?” instead of how are you.
  • You can always invite someone for dinner knowing your mother cooks enough for an army.
  • When you eat brodu or minestra, you ditch the spoon for hobz!
  • You over-exaggerate things!
  • You park your car two km down the road in the free spots and would rather walk than pay €2 for parking!
  • Someone in your family makes Red Wine.
  • You have ricotta in the fridge that your Nanna made.
  • You put plastic covers on your lounge!
  • You pronounce your ing’s as ink’s
  • You say goodbye to someone and 20 minutes later the family is still talking to each other and you have only moved 5 steps (this happens mostly after church)
  • You make honey rings even though they are mostly dates.
  • Your Nanna and Nannu say Christmas Father instead of Santa Claus!
  • Your nanna says bye six times before hanging up.
Tag someone who can relate!